October 4, 2023

We were so happy to welcome Forest Range Officer Saileshbhai Mehta to explain to our students the importance of conserving forests through an interesting activity - a Drawing competition facilitated by Shri Jayvirbhai Basiya.

Our students received informative instruction on safeguarding the natural environment and put their creative skills to test in illustrating the same concept on paper.

The best artworks were awarded and our students received the recognition with a smile. We are happy to see our students grow sensitized towards the environment through such interesting initiatives brought to our school by responsible individuals and organizations.

September 27th, 2023

A select group of our students, represented our school in a science fair with an interesting array of projects.

Of those that participated at this Interschool Zilla Science conclave, two of our students' - Pragati and Sadhna of the ninth grade - project was selected as one of the most impressive entries into the competition.

We are so proud of the efforts of Ms. Raajal, our science teacher as well as our team of students who worked so hard to create the projects they have.

September 21, 2023

We are so proud to see our classes full and our students working sincerely towards upcoming exams.

We are prioritizing attendance and ensuring our students have all the support they need to perform well academically.

We welcome you into our classrooms with these stills!

Tuesday, The 5th of September, 2023

On the occasion of Teacher's Day, our students and teachers celebrated and worked together in a sweet, special, colorful way!

May this bond only become stronger and may we build such memories forever.

Friday, the 25th of August, 2023

Sub-Inspector Maanshri Gohil of The Chalala Police Station visited our school to give our students a motivational talk.

The students were filled with awe and filled with inspiration by Sir's visit and words.

May our collective efforts give birth to generations of strong, competitive, successful athletes from this region!

SPORTS CAMP: 10th - 13th August, 2023

We welcomed Coaches Sir Dinanath Maurya and Ms. Bhavisha Kothari from Bombay, India to conduct a 4-day Sports Camp, in Track and Field activities.

The activities were conducted on our school premises, the Maidan as well as different pockets of Gopalgram.

The students of OPZHS as well as students from neighbouring schools all over attended the sports camp in which they were trained in multi-distance Runs, Jumps and Throws as well as Strength, Conditioning, Co-ordination and Core Drills.

It was incredible to witness the promise and potential our students displayed. Especially, the moment in time trials when our student, Kaajal, outran every student that had participated - girl or boy. It was also a pleasant surprise to see so many had that crucial and rare mix of speed, stamina and strength to become endurance athletes.

The Coaches expressed how gifted our children are and have pressed the need for them to persist with focused training and discipline.

We have identified which children are suited for specific or multiple disciplines within Track and Field events and have set up the routines and structures for them to continue to train.

May our collective efforts give birth to generations of strong, competitive, successful athletes from this region!

Tuesday, 15th August, 2023

Today, on the occasion of our country, India's 76th Independence Day, celebrations abounded at our school.

We sang, danced and performed to the glory of our nation. Our children from all over the village - primary, secondary and high school students - found a place on stage to pay tribute to their glorious nation.

This was the most widely attended Independence Day celebration to date. The audience was so moved and so responsive. And so encouraging and appreciative of everything the students, teachers, trustees and volunteers have done to put this event together!

We are so proud of our nation, its children, our present and our future.

On Thursday, the 9th of March, 2023

Our girls from the Junoon Outreach Program staged a performance on our school premises. They put on display a combination of their routines, preparatory work and choreography in both Bharata Natyam and Classical Ballet, learnt over Ten Outreach stints.

The performance was attended by the villagers of Gopalgram as well as neighbouring villages and it was heartrending to see children from all over in the audience. To the extent that the performance had to be made twice so as to accommodate two sets of audiences.

We pray for our girls to continue to prioritize Art and Culture and keep spreading its love and awareness always!

On Wednesday, the 8th of February, 2023

We hosted our first ever Sports Day on our perfectly marked, prepared and evened out playing field.

We had the students compete in the 100m, 200m, 400m, Long Jump, Shot Put and Javelin track and field events.

We saw some great competition amongst the girls, especially.

Overall, it was a great beginning with plenty of inspiration for the students to come back stronger and better prepared next year.

On Monday, the 6th of February, 2023

The family of Gopaldas after whom this village of Gopalgram was named visited our high school premises and were welcomed, felicitated and thoroughly entertained by our students, teachers, staff and trustees. The students put up performances, communicated their progress through speeches and put up a fantastic show for them.

We are extremely grateful for the visit and support they have extended to our school, trust and village community.

On Tuesday, the 10th of January, 2023

We hosted a Science Fair at school.
Our young achievers and thinkers displayed deep understanding and enthusiasm!
It was attended of course, by trustees, faculty, school staff and students.

On Thursday, the 17th of November, 2022

Hoodies were distributed to our students to add onto their school uniforms.
This is a timely gift to our students, as Winter approaches. The kids were thrilled with their new, trendy, blue sweaters to match their uniforms and will be using it to keep warm!


On Wednesday, the 16th of November, 2022

Decathlon, India, the sports brand, visited our school to meet and motivate our children as well as deliver diverse sports equipment that will be put to great use by our students.

They played games like Football and Ultimate Frisbee with our kids, coached them in drills and told them about all the potential careers and opportunities that would open up to the students if they pursued Sport.

The members of Decathlon - Mr. Prince Roy, Mr. Pavan Ramanuj and Mr. Nisarg Suchak - who visited us, even told our students that they will themselves provide the openings to jobs and placements related to Sport to them.

Additionally, they have decided to turn this into a long-term association with our students and village children, where they will visit, coach, support and motivate regularly.

On Saturday, the 3rd of September, 2022

Our students went on picnic by school bus to Somnath and the lush green region of Tulsi Shyam where they trekked up a hill, beheld hot springs and wildlife and visited the main temples at both places.

They enjoyed snacks and time together and more importantly, appreciated nature and their surroundings.

The 15th of August, 2022

Our school held a grand and earnest celebration through the morning of India's 75th Independence Day.

The entire village was in attendance, our students, faculty and administration delivered speeches filled with passion, pride and gratitude, pyramid performances were made, the flag was hoisted on the school premises following which the students walked the whole village bearing and waving the Indian flag.

These check-ups were also a follow up on our previous camps, of a similar nature, conducted in February, March and May.

On Sunday, the 5th of June, 2022

A multi-purpose medical camp took place on our school premises.

A team comprising of a gynaecologist, opthalmologist, pediatrician and other assistant doctors examined and treated our women, children and men, with a special focus on the elderly. Medication was provided free of cost, as well.

These check-ups were also a follow up on our previous camps, of a similar nature, conducted in February, March and May.


We are thrilled to announce that we have a year round bus service operating to pick up and drop off students from within and villages outside Gopalgram.

We hope and know this will encourage more students to come to school, admit themselves in school and certainly make them feel more secure about their commute to and from school.

Safety and education and safety in education are our top priorities!

On Monday, the 11th of April, 2022

A design workshop was conducted by Nikita Mathur Zatakia for our children to get an insight into branding and innovation.

The children worked with different art materials to create objects that they could keep and use.

This workshop lasted throughout the week. And the kids came up with some brilliant artistic ideas and creations to help enhance their surroundings!

On Sunday, the 27th of March, 2022

A medical camp, free of charge, was organized on our school premises, where Dr. Krishna, a generous gynaecologist, examined and treated the village women and girls and educated them about hormonal, physiological and biological issues.

On Friday, the 25th of March, 2022

Our girls competed at the Taluka Atheltic Meet.
Two of our athletes:
Jigneshwari Dhaadal & Pallavi Malavi Won Silver Medals in the 200m and 100m races, respectively.
They will now train harder to compete at the State-Level Athletic Meet soon.

On Thursday, the 24th of March, 2022

Our Trust received the FCRA Approval from the Govt. of India to accept and utilize Foreign contributions to and for each of its causes/projects. Our school is one of the projects of the Gram Vikas Mandal Trust.

On Sunday, the 27th of february, 2022

A playing field was inaugurated for the village, not so far away from our school.
Our children began training in Athletics, Artistic Fitness, Kabaddi and other games.
On the same day, an eye camp, free of charge, was hosted in our school premises for the village folk, where over 400 people were tested and treated within hours.

The sports field will be used as a training ground as well as for many sporting events in the future.
The medical camps too will persist!