The Now

Before we share our journey into the future, a bit about the now:

The school has been refurbished and upgraded to provide children living in Gopalgram and the surrounding villages a more state-of-the-art facility to obtain an education at.

A school bus facility is now rolling to ferry students safely and counter hindrances such as the weather, vast distances and deserted tracks that often keep children out of school.

A dedicated portion of the school provides 2 free meals a day to needy villagers and students attending the school.

A family of five, descendants of R.O.Zatakia, the eldest son of O.P.Zatakia, is actively involved in the day to day activities and advancement of the school. They hope to channelize support, service, innovation and direction from the world to benefit this richly deserving and promising rural territory.

The Future

The Village Trust in tandem with the family harbour dreams to further modernize and develop the school and surrounding area.

There are firm proposals to remodel the school garden, the playing field, establish a steady water, pipe gas and electricity connection where necessary.

The ancestral property of the family is currently being transformed to double up as a space for extracurricular activities, hosting workshops and events and all the other creative and academic pursuits that it may serve.

This property will also be home to visiting faculty members providing training in diverse skills and knowledge from around the world.



One of the primary objectives of the Village Trust is to enable the holistic development of students attending the OPZ High School. We seek to do so by providing versatile training and learning opportunities that empower students with a diversity of career choices when they have completed their high school education.

We welcome those with experience in genres across the board!

If you think you can make a contribution by teaching or sharing knowledge and expertise, please send us a proposal containing a brief of what you’d like to do – a workshop, a training program, a lecture series, a stint in the village and at the school, how long you wish to do it for and we will set it up if we believe it will benefit the students, school and village. Surely, it will!

Email-id : info@opzatakiaschool.org


If you believe in developing this rural community further and wish to help realize our plans for the place, consider making a contribution by clicking the button below:


If you wish to make donations of a different kind – such as books, stationery or electronic and sports equipment and musical instruments, please email us and we would be glad and grateful to take it from there.

Email-id : info@opzatakiaschool.org


Access to Gopalgram is usually through Amreli, the closest urban set-up which is a 40 minute drive from the village. Amreli is an emerging commercial hub with potential in aviation and tourism.

A visit to the village is often combined with the fortune of sighting Lions, Leopards, Deer and other Fauna at a reserve situated in Ambardi, a village on the outskirts of Gopalgram.

With increased but just the right amount of connectivity to preserve your peace, this part of rural Saurashtra is definitely worth your time and involvement.

Feel free to email us for information, a potential visit to behold the daily happenings in and around OPZHS, a taste of village life and exchanges to make it better!

Email-id : info@opzatakiaschool.org