The Gram Vikas Mandal , founded in 1971 , was created with the objective of improving the eco-socio-educational standards of Gopalgram (Dhasa Village) in Saurashtra. On the cusp of the Golden Jubilee of the trust in 2021 , the founding family of the Odhavji Premji Zatakia high school were appointed on the trust to rejuvenate the village and put Gopalgram on the developmental map of Saurashtra and Gujarat.


The fertile land of Gopalgram yields a variety of resources - chiefly cotton. Farming and Agriculture dominate the activities performed by locals.

Cows and Lions are endemic to the region. The cattle are crucial to farming and the lions are a major attraction to the area! Both animals pave the way for progress, adding to and often occasioning the abundance of the region from an economic standpoint.

Our school (OPZHS) is an integral part of the Trust's overall effort in ensuring the growth and progress of the village of Gopalgram.

In the colours of the Indian flag in entirety (because the village is after all, a rural heartland of India), the rays of the Sun depict the sureness of and hope for a brighter future.

Solar panels placed in their original formation - that incidentally coincides with an open book - complete the circle of ideas involving education, development, sustainable living and a conscious, modern ecosystem that the Trust wishes to collectively work towards.