A Tribute

Early on in 2021, as our dream for the development and restoration of Gopalgram had begun to take shape, we were agonized and shocked by the very sudden passing of Shri Arvindbhai. To the village of Gopalgram and members of the Zatakia family associated with OPZHS, he was a patriarch – the strongest, most rooted and judicious soul. Indeed, when he left us, it felt as though a tree had fallen.

Each of his major contributions and services to the village ecosystem notwithstanding, Arvindbhai had an even broader vision for the development of the area which, much to the fortune of all, he communicated in a detailed manner to the villagers and Zatakia family alike. Upon his advice and recommendations, the right troops were rounded, fitting leaders amassed for different purposes and stages of the general restoration and growth of the village.

It is our honour to actualize his vision – now, as a tribute to his unparalleled commitment to the betterment of Gopalgram. We want to finish and further what he began.

The Program

Shri Arvindbhai was a patron of The Arts and he wanted to see them come alive in all their vibrancy in the already vibrant setting of the village.

The SAAP seeks to incorporate a variety of Arts into the education provided at OPZHS. In order to ensure the perfect balance of The Arts and Crafts, we wish to offer structured modules, workshops and learning in:

Fine Arts

Painting, Sculpture and Handicrafts – local or external

Visual Arts

Graphic Design, Photography and Digital Art

Performance Arts

Classical Dance, Folk Dance, Classical Music – Vocal and Instrumental, Semi Classical Music and Theatre


If you want to teach either of the Arts mentioned above (or missed by us) or have an idea for a workshop that may be taught or conducted at the school by you, please email us here:

If you wish to contribute to facilitating The SAAP monetarily, kindly consider make a donation of your choice here:


If you wish to donate artistic instruments and tools, please touch base with us here and will help you send these across:


The SHOUT! Network

A journalism network that tells stories that arouse empathy, engage, entertain and endure, Ran a storytelling workshop at school to familiarise our students with English language studies and translation. The stories were published in a characte-gory titled, "A Revolution in Letters". Read them on their official site.

The SHOUT! Network


A brand which aims to enable an awareness and diffusion of Classical Dance, is now running their Outreach Program with our girls. More details on its official site.



One of the primary objectives of the Village Trust is to enable the holistic development of students attending the OPZ High School. We seek to do so by providing versatile training and learning opportunities that empower students with a diversity of career choices when they have completed their high school education.

We welcome those with experience in genres across the board!

If you think you can make a contribution by teaching or sharing knowledge and expertise, please send us a proposal containing a brief of what you’d like to do – a workshop, a training program, a lecture series, a stint in the village and at the school, how long you wish to do it for and we will set it up if we believe it will benefit the students, school and village. Surely, it will!

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If you believe in developing this rural community further and wish to help realize our plans for the place, consider making a contribution by clicking the button below:


If you wish to make donations of a different kind – such as books, stationery or electronic and sports equipment and musical instruments, please email us and we would be glad and grateful to take it from there.

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Access to Gopalgram is usually through Amreli, the closest urban set-up which is a 40 minute drive from the village. Amreli is an emerging commercial hub with potential in aviation and tourism.

A visit to the village is often combined with the fortune of sighting Lions, Leopards, Deer and other Fauna at a reserve situated in Ambardi, a village on the outskirts of Gopalgram.

With increased but just the right amount of connectivity to preserve your peace, this part of rural Saurashtra is definitely worth your time and involvement.

Feel free to email us for information, a potential visit to behold the daily happenings in and around OPZHS, a taste of village life and exchanges to make it better!

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