What makes OPZ different?


At the core of any educational program is academia. We want our students to be learners, researchers and scholarly. Curious and inquiring minds must be fed with information and those minds further expanded to ask bigger, more relevant questions.

Sanskrit, Gujarati, English, Mathematics, Computers, The Sciences and Social Sciences currently constitute the curriculum at OPZHS.

As best as the students can grasp, they are also educated in administrative and logistical skills so they may take responsibility for their lives, run errands, keep accounts and manage personal budgets and procedures by themselves.


Our students have a safe space to learn values that will help them better understand and assimilate into the world. We provide them with lessons in morals, ethics and how to build a sense of community by supporting one another.

TThese values are taught everyday through formal classes as well as informal, outside of classroom activities that strengthen character, morale and student performance.

Our students are more humane, more sensitive to their surroundings, more conscious of hygiene and sanitation and therefore, more willing to preserve peace, nature, the environment they inhabit and the infrastructure provided to them.


At OPZHS, we place a strong emphasis upon the creative as well as cognitive development of students.

rts help creatively stimulate the mind and positively impact personality. The students have a channel through which they can express themselves and multiple talents and skills are engaged, enriched and honed.

Our students have a platter of Music, Dance, Painting and other Arts and Crafts - Classical, Contemporary and Folk - to choose from and receive training in.

Because Art is an immersive and soulful experience, early on in life, our students observe their own emotions more strongly, become more perceptive human beings and translate those emotions into creating Art that is beautiful and evocative.


The physical development of students, in their growing years, is a priority at OPZHS. Sports are the easiest means to strengthen physique and build character, team spirit, a sense of camaraderie and fervour.

e offer training in an array of sports - namely, Athletics (Track and Field), Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Kabaddi and Traditional Games.

Thus, the healthy development of mind, body and soul are of utmost importance at OPZHS. All our students, irrespective of gender, class or societal pressures, go through school athletically and artistically should they ever choose to pursue careers in fields outside of Academia.


Our students are encouraged to read. This gives them a better grasp of languages and a stronger understanding of Literature. A well stocked library at OPZHS houses books of diverse genres, in multiple languages.

Increasing their range of reading helps develop a better awareness of the world and opens up their minds to different realities and stories around the world.

This in turn, ensures they have an empathy, an emotional intelligence and an ability to relate and reciprocate in order for them to better connect with the outside world once they step out of school and into it.